Elixr Industries is a manufacturer and supplier that was founded with a mission to create the highest quality, organic CBD products on the market. Our knowledge and experience, best-in-class products, white-glove service, and relentless drive for excellence offer our customers the quality, consistency, and reliability they seek in a product.


Our unique blend of herbs and spices allows us of offer products 10x the efficacy of anyone in the marketplace. We work with ambitious clients in a broad range of industries, using its deep knowledge and multidisciplinary approach to deliver and to invent groundbreaking solutions across them all.



We deliver a variety of the highest quality nutraceutical products for our customers mind and body. 


Creams, soap, Oil, Balms



Our consumables have 10x the amount of CBD per ml than any other product on the market. 

Sprays, Gummies, Mints


We deliver consumables that not only deliver all the benefits of CBD but taste great too.

Powders, Bars, Flavor Profiling


We'd love to work with you. Shoot us any questions you have.

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